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Enabling technology for agri-environmental solutions

Today’s challenges in food security, biodiversity management, environmental pollution, and climate change are interlinked and cannot be considered in isolation. They require approaches that account for their complexity and their multi-disciplinary nature. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, open/linked data, ICT, remote and near sensing and geo-information can empower the decision making by stakeholders on these complex and interlinked challenges.

As Wageningen Environmental Research, team Earth Informatics, we worked for many years on enabling a range of technological solutions for decision makers in the field of agriculture, environment, climate change and biodiversity management. Here is our portfolio of stories of our stakeholders achieved, and how we worked with them.

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Monitoring cereal production in support of agricultural policies

Cereals, such as maize, wheat, and rice, are popular food crops. In fact, these crops are often the basis for food staples. Cereals are grown in many different regions across the world also in Europe. Proper assessments of the production is essential for strategic decisions on export, import and stock management. One of the factors influencing the annual variation of production is weather. Timely assessment of how weather influences seasonal cereal production is key.


Climate resilient urban planning in the mountainous tropics

Tropical mountainous cities in Latin America are highly vulnerable to climate change and are already facing the disastrous effects of this. Clearing land off trees and shrubs makes soil prone to erosion. In times of heavy rainfall, landslides and floods are inevitable. Therefore, new urban scenarios that effectively alleviate these challenges are needed.


Societal functions of greenery to achieve a healthy city

Almost three out of four EU citizens live in urban areas and this number is anticipated to further grow. All these people need an inclusive, healthy, resilient, safe and sustainable living environment. One important challenge is to provide universal access to safe, inclusive and accessible, 'green' and public spaces by 2030.
Enabling spatial, data and ICT technologies for agricultural, environmental, biodiversity and climate change applications

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