AgroDataCube – Open, big data for Dutch Agriculture

  • Where do I find weather and soil data to understand variation in crop yields?
  • What crops grow on which parcels in 2018?
  • Where can I find cloud-corrected satellite imagery on 10x10 meter resolution for all parcels in the province of Noord-Brabant?
  • I want to know the most typical crop-rotations patterns for all of the Netherlands for the last 5 years. Where can I find and process that data?

Many agricultural and environmental applications and assessments require information at the agricultural parcel level on soils, climate, crop growth, elevation, and crop rotation. The AgroDataCube is a Big & Open data platform that brings together and publishes all these different datatypes, harmonized to the level of agricultural parcels. As a user you don’t have to deal with all the challenging tasks in data alignment and linking. The AgroDataCube solves the following common problems in data usage: 1. While a lot of data is available, it is fragmented and scattered, and often there are different conditions associated with individual datasets. 2. The spatial resolution of available datasets varies and does not match the parcel level. 3. A lot of the data is provided in a raw format that needs pre-processing before using it in an application for agricultural purposes. Currently, the AgroDataCube provides time series of data for the period 2009 to today. It harmonizes data on agricultural parcels and crops (BRP), soil (1:50:000 soil map and BOFEK), weather (KNMI), NDVI (Sentinel-2) and elevation (AHN).

When would I choose this tool?

If you are looking for key agricultural & environmental data that is available for agricultural parcels, and you don’t want to spend a lot of time on collecting data and examining which conditions apply for using them. Our experts did this for you, so that you can just focus on analysing the data, mixing it with your own data, and getting the latest insights. If you are keen on using data that is always kept up-to-date and that is already pre-processed by experts in a way that makes it fit-for-purpose for analysis and taking decisions on the farm and parcel level. If you need to directly feed data into automated processes and applications and you want to use an interoperable Application Programming Interface (API) that complies with technical and domain standards.

What are the main advantages?
  • Access to harmonized data for field and farm scale analytics and applications 
  • Data are up-to-date, processed and curated by specialists in the agricultural domain 
  • One-stop-shop providing interoperable data with a clear and open license
How do I apply?

To start using the data provided by the AgroDataCube, a one-time registration by email is required to be able to track and ensure fair usage. You will receive a token that allows you to access the AgroDataCube API. This will allow limited free access to the data. The AgroDataCube is provided as open data under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA  license. For different types of commercial use predefined licenses are available and can be requested here.